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About Us

Fine Ceramic Transfers (FCT) are leading UK manufacturers of the highest quality ceramic, glass and precious metal transfers, based in the heart of the Potteries.

Our dynamic team of sales personnel, artists, printers and ceramicists, have many years of industry knowledge and are passionate about what they do. We pride ourselves on the intricate detail and colour consistency repeatedly achieved by our expert team.

From small-scale artisans to large blue-chip companies, we have a very diverse clientele, who rely on our experience, creativity, unique methods and quality control  to give their product the perfect print solution with the best decals available.

We have 30 years plus experience in every department resulting in the finest design reproduction. With our skilled methods and high quality standards you can be assured of an impeccable finish.

Our services for Screen Printing :

  • At FCT we print the highest quality transfers (decals/lithographs) to apply images to various substrates; tableware, hotelware, glass, tiles, plaques and ornaments.
  • Specialist paper is used and the final image is covered with a protective layer (covercoat) allowing the design to be applied to your preferred body.
  • We provide both waterslide (applied by hand) and heat release transfers (applied mechanically).

Decal types :

    Onglaze decals

    Onglaze Decals

    These are the most common transfers as they are fired at the lowest temperature and have the widest unleaded or low-lead colour range. As the name suggests they are applied onto a glazed ceramic product and fired between 800-900oc.

    Inglaze decals

    Inglaze Decals

    This transfer allows for a higher durability, as the firing is between 1020-1060oc allowing the transfer to sink into the glaze.

    Underglaze decals

    Underglaze Decals

    This is the way to achieve the most durable decal. Applied to bisque ware, the transfer is then glazed to seal the transfer completely.

    Raised decals

    Raised Decals

    Fired at onglaze temperatures, these transfers give a wonderfully tactile effect to a ceramic surface.

    Metallic decals

    Metallic Decals

    Metallic decals are a fantastic alternative to precious metal transfers, producing a lustrous finish at a lower cost, fired at onglaze temperature.

    Precious metal decals

    Precious Metal Decals

    We print gold and platinum decals, ranging from bright, silk matt, burnished and dust gold finishes. For luxurious height and depth, we print raised pastes, creating the opulence of hand embellishment.

    Glass decals

    Glass Decals

    Glass vessels, and tumblers can consist of colour, precious metal and metallic finishes. Durability is an important consideration for tumblers and lab ware, therefore these transfers are produced using the best materials for customer specific requirements. Scientific glass transfers using precision scales and markers for cylinders, flasks, test tubes and beakers are available.

      Why choose FCT ?
        • Our customers depend on our ability to consistently repeat the quality transfers they demand.
        • Years of technical development in all our working processes, gives our clients access to perfect print solutions and the finest decals possible.
        • Our highly skilled team can elevate your products with creativity and expertise, providing end to end support.
        • Customers are filled with confidence in our personal service, feeling part of our family, and able to seek technical advice directly.

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