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Last month, we had the pleasure of attending the Dougie Mac Business Awards 2023. This annual event brings together a diverse range of businesses, from large banks to small enterprises like ours, who have all made significant contributions to the Dougie Mac Foundation's mission. We are delighted to announce that we were fortunate enough to receive: the Partnership Award and the Recognition Award for Going the Extra Mile.

Partnership Awards — Bronze — Support between £5k up to £10k:

In recognition of our tremendous support throughout the financial year 2022/23, we were honored to receive the Partnership Award in the Bronze category. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment our team has shown in raising funds and awareness for Dougie Mac. Contributing between £5k and £10k, we are proud to have played our part in ensuring that the foundation can continue its crucial work.

Recognition Awards — Extra Mile Award:

One of the most rewarding moments of the afternoon was hearing our name called out for the Recognition Award - Extra Mile. This prestigious award acknowledges businesses that have gone above and beyond in their support of Dougie Mac. We were thrilled to be recognised for our efforts in navigating a challenging situation and finding a solution that allowed a project to succeed.

The project in question involved the development of a Berries Gin bottle, which was due to launch during the Christmas season of 2022. However, when the initial supplier unexpectedly went into administration, the entire project was at risk. Recognising the importance of the bottle's launch for Dougie Mac's 50th birthday celebrations, we took immediate action.

First, we reached out to the administrators and negotiated the acquisition of the manufactured bottles. This initial step was crucial in ensuring that the project had a foundation to build upon. By securing the bottles, we were able to proceed with finding an alternative supplier for the necessary decoration and firing processes.

In collaboration with the Dougie Mac team, we conducted thorough research to find the ideal replacement supplier. We understood the significance of maintaining the quality and timeline of the project, and thus it was imperative to find a partner who could meet our requirements. Our dedication paid off, and we successfully secured a new supplier who could guarantee the necessary decoration and firing processes to bring the Berries Gin bottle to life.

Thanks to our quick thinking and proactive approach, the project moved forward seamlessly. The gin bottles were decorated and fired by the new supplier, allowing them to be launched just in time for Dougie Mac's 50th birthday celebration. It was a moment of triumph and joy, knowing that our efforts had not only solved a critical problem but also contributed to the success and significance of this milestone event.

This Recognition Award represents more than just our ability to overcome challenges. It signifies our unwavering commitment to supporting Dougie Mac and the incredible work they do for the community. The Foundation provides essential care and support to patients facing life-limiting illnesses, as well as their families, offering comfort and dignity during difficult times.

Attending the Dougie Mac Business Awards 2023 and being recognised with both the Partnership Award and the Recognition Award for Going the Extra Mile reaffirmed our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of others through our partnership with Dougie Mac.


About Dougie Mac

The Douglas Macmillan Hospice, or Dougie Mac as it's known, provides invaluable care and support to people approaching the end of life, as well as their families. Around 3,500 people and their families in North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent access the Dougie Mac care services each year. As a locally funded charity, they rely on fundraising events like this one to make sure their vital service continues.

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